24x Microporous Surgical Tape 1.25cm

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Product Description

  • Minimum Order: 1 Box of 24 Rolls
  • Size: 1.25cm x 10m


Microporous Tape by C.M.S. hypo-allergenic, non-woven synthetic adhesive tape. Soft surgical tape for sensitive skin.

  • Ultimate High Quality Microporous tapes that are supplied to NHS hospital throughout the UK.
  • Multi-purpose tapes with low allergy adhesives
  • Microporous non woven backing
  • Ideal for use in securing drains, drips, needles, dressings
  • CE certified.
Used in a hospital environment for holding tubing/injection needles in place and also for use in holding surgical dressings in place on the patient. May also be used in other medical areas as determined appropriate.
Microporous tape is manufactured from permeable non-woven synthetic adhesive tape. The SIS adhesive is a wholly synthetic polymer coating of ultra-low skin irritancy. The product is designed for excellent skin adhesion and long term wear on the skin Resistant to water immersion.
Conforms well even in highly contoured areas of the body
Ideal for many uses not just Medical or First Aid


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