1x Zinc Oxide Tearable Strapping Tape Bundle

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Product Description

  • Minimum Order:  1x Bundle
  • Bundle Content: 48x 2.5cm x 10m, 32x 3.8cm x 10m, 24x 5cm x 10m


Zinc Oxide tearable sports tape tears easily by hand across and down the length and conforms easily to the skin. You do not require scissors and the tape contains a low allergy zinc oxide adhesive.

We provide wholesale quantities of zinc oxide strapping tape and this bundle contains all 3 sizes we currently supply.

Zinc Oxide Tearable Strapping Tape Bundle Includes:

  • 48x 2.5cm x 10m tape
  • 32x 3.8cm x 10m tape
  • 24x 5cm x 10m tape

Why would I use Zinc Oxide Tearable Strapping Tape?

The strapping tape conforms to the area to which it is applied making it far less bulky and lighter weight than a brace, which is why it is so popular with sports people and physiotherapists. Tape also allows for different methods to be used to offer targeted support to specific ligaments or tendons within a joint. This means that the joint can have a certain range of movement allowing faster recovery from injury, and the ability to continue activity.

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